Application of rotational molding products in automobile field

In recent years, with the development and innovation,rotational mold has led to a new revolution in automobile manufacturing. The application of rotational mold has brought many advantages to the automobile manufacturing industry:


1、The mold makes it very convenient to process parts with complex shapes.

For example, when the instrument panel is processed with steel plates, it is often necessary to process and shape each part first, and then assemble or weld it with connectors respectively. There are many processes.But we can make it “one-piece”by rotomolding process, with short processing time and guaranteed accuracy.


2、 The greatest advantage of the application of rotomolding products for automobile materials is to reduce the weight of the car body.

Light weight is the goal pursued by the automobile industry, and rotational mold can play a great role in this respect.

Generally, the specific gravity is 0.9~1.5, and the specific gravity of fiber reinforced composites will not exceed.

Among metal materials, the specific gravity of A3 steel is 7.6, brass is 8.4, aluminum is 2.7.

This makes the mold an excellent material for automobile lightweight.


3、 The elastic deformation characteristics can absorb a large amount of collision energy, have a greater buffer effect on strong impact, and play a role in protecting vehicles and passengers.

As a result, modern cars use plasticized dashboard and steering wheel to enhance the cushioning effect.


The front and rear bumpers and body trim strips are made of mold materials to reduce the impact of objects outside the vehicle on the body.

In addition, the rotational mold can also absorb and attenuate vibration and noise, which can improve the ride comfort.

4、 Adapt to the use requirements of different parts on the vehicle

The mould with required properties can be made by adding different fillers, plasticizers and hardeners according to the structure and composition of the mould,Change the mechanical strength and processing and molding performance of materials to meet the application requirements of different parts on the vehicle.

For example, the bumper should have considerable mechanical strength, while the cushion and backrest should use soft polyurethane  foam.


5、 It has strong corrosion resistance and will not corrode if it is damaged locally.

Once the paint surface of steel is damaged or the early anti-corrosion is not good, it is easy to rust and corrode.

The corrosion resistance of the rotational mold to acid, alkali, salt, etc. is far greater than that of the steel plate. If the mold is used as the body covering part, it is very suitable for use in areas with heavy pollution.


Post time: Dec-20-2022