FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022:Looking for a rotational molding Figure in the Wisdom of “Made in China”



The 22nd World Cup was held in Qatar, which made the world focus on Qatar, a country in western Asia. As we all know, Qatar is a very rich country. For this World Cup, Qatar spent 220 billion dollars to build eight great stadiums.


China has contracted to build the main stadium of the 2022 Qatar World Cup – Lusail Stadium. Chinese wisdom can be seen everywhere in the stadium. From the air outlet of the air conditioner to the seat, you can see the wisdom from the Chinese construction team.


This chair made of Rotational molding process . Qatar’s climate is quite extremely, and the Rotational molding material has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, which is very suitable for using in extreme weather.

Comparing with other plastic products, rotational molding products are more widely used outdoors. Usually, outdoor furniture, amusement facilities, buoys and buoys can not do without the figure of rotational molding.

It also makes us proud to see the rotational molding products on the stage of the World Cup. This proves that rotational molding products are more and more accepted by consumers, and the range of rotational molding products is more and more extensive.


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The Chinese construction team has stepped onto the world stage. The world will realize that not only small commodities are made in China, but in the future, Chinese architectural teams and design teams will go global with Chinese factories.

They will change their traditional mind,China are not only produce cheap products,but we can make good quality and creative products.

We would like to make creative products,so if you have new idea,do not hesitate to contact us.We will wait for you here.

Post time: Nov-25-2022