Rotational molding process development prospects

Rotational plastic manufacturers are also facing some problems in today's development, what are they specifically?

The main products of China's rotomolding industry are concentrated in amusement facilities, anti-corrosion pipelines, anti-corrosion equipment, storage tanks and so on, which is a big difference with foreign countries. In the United States, amusement facilities and storage tanks account for about 60% of the application of rotomolding products, China only 28%, while the application of anti-corrosion in a small number of foreign countries, but in China accounted for nearly 40%. According to the standard classification method of the National Bureau of Statistics, rotomolding products in China have been used in at least 46 industries. With the continuous innovation and development of rotational molding industry, the market continues to repeat itself, many rotational molding enterprises began to face the transformation to the direction of diversification, is not attached to a few products and a few areas, the claws of the rotational molding industry began to extend and involved in more areas. Rotational molding as a hollow plastic products molding process, began to be widely used in furniture, gardens, amusement facilities, leisure sports, vehicle accessories, transportation facilities, electrical equipment, medical food and national defense and other fields, therefore, in recent years, rotational molding industry has become a polymer material processing molding research hot spots.


Rotational plastic industry relative to other plastic products industry trend forecast is very good, at present, the country is actively promoting plastic instead of steel, plastic instead of wood environmental protection policy, the near future, show in front of us will be a everywhere not rotational plastic world. Rotational plastic on the one hand, the level of automation technology to make a breakthrough, on the other hand, energy saving and emission reduction efforts, so that the rotational plastic industry to obtain sustainable development. With the continuous improvement of rotational molding process, it is also increasingly becoming a competitive plastic molding process.


Post time: Jan-18-2022