The main advantages of rotomolded boxes

1. Suitable for large, medium and very large parts made by the mold.

Most of the plastic forming process, in the whole process of forming, plastic and mold shell are under very high working pressure (working pressure), such as the use of very common injection molding process. Pressing film, therefore, the use of some of these forming processes to manufacture large and medium-sized plastic products, not only to choose to carry a lot of working pressure of the mold shell, and to make the volume of the mold shell is huge and complicated, and molding machinery and equipment must also be designed to plan. The mold manufacturing and production difficulty factor is increased, and the cost is also increased. To put it another way, the rotomolding process only requires a structure with sufficient rigidity to support the raw material. The net weight of the mold and the sound card rack itself, and to avoid the leakage of raw materials. Therefore, even if the rotomolded product is large and oversized, it is not necessary to use very heavy machinery and molds, and the molds are easy to manufacture and produce, resulting in short manufacturing cycle times. Low cost.


In theory, there is no limit to the size of the parts that can be produced by the rotomolding process. And the production of such large plastic products, such as the choice of spit molding, without very expensive and large and medium-sized injection molding machinery and equipment.

2. Suitable for a variety of types. Production of small batch plastic products.

Because the mold shell rotational molding, will not be harmed by external force, so the mold shell simple. The price is low and the production is convenient. In addition, rotomolding equipment also has a large manipulation, a large and medium-sized mold shell, or layout several small chess set; it can not only rubber and plastic products with different specifications of the parts, and at the same time, forming specifications and form are very different goods, as long as the same common raw materials, the same product thickness, are able to rotomolding products once formed, therefore, relative to other forming methods, rotomolding products forming It has great coordination ability.


Post time: Jan-18-2022