Custom-Made & Branded Solutions For Rotomolded

Customize your Products.Distinguish your brand.


We are a professional supplier in China’s Rotomolding products industry,
we are mainly working on outdoor sports products,military box and other plastic products,
Cosmetic rotomolded products, and other related plastic packaging products.

  • Focus on rotomolding products for 20 years
  • R&D department work for ODM and OEM demand
  • ISO9001 Certification
  • Exported to all over the world

We draw on new trends and technologies daily, we constantly optimize our technical equipment, and we maintain close contact with our customers. Our paramount concern is to understand our customers’ requirements and to be proactive in satisfying their needs.Bespoke clients own their moulds and cavities, even the ones we create for them in our exclusive tool shop.We support customers throughout the entire process from design selection and development all the way through to after-sale service.


Please tell us what kind of processing decortaions you need:

  •  Outdoor box: we can offer silk print, label, Color Coated, etc.
  •  Metal part: Many sizes and types for choise.
  •  Advantages: UV-anti,dust-proof,water-proof,shock-proof etc.
  •  Mold choise: All kinds of different design can be made by aluminum and steel mold.
  •  Color Box: You design it, we do all the rest for you.