The rotomolding process is a very important branch of plastic manufacturing process. The main characteristics of the rotomolding process are: 1. Low cost of rotomolding mold -- the cost of rotomolding mold is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding and injection mold for the same size, which is suitable for forming large plastic products; 2. Good edge strength of rotomolding products -- rotomolding can realize the thickness of product edge is more than 5 mm, and completely solve the problem of thin edge of hollow products; 3, Rotomolding plastic can be placed all kinds of Mosaic; 4, The shape of the rotomolding products can be very complex, and the thickness can be more than 5 mm; 5, Rotomolding plastic can produce fully closed products; 6. Rotomolding products can be filled with foaming materials to achieve thermal insulation; 7, The wall thickness of rotomolding products can be adjusted freely (more than 2mm) without adjusting mold. The advantages of rotomolding products are also incomparable to other products. The rotomolding products have very excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, coupled with the rotomolding resistance itself, and the stability of the rotomolding product structure, which set off the upsurge of replacing steel with plastic. The plastic made by the rotomolding process is not cheap. On the contrary, the rotomolding can make wood grain, pattern, marbling and other colors, whether it is the box , furniture, lamp shade, can show the unique external charm of rotomolding. Our rotomolding products include rotomolding Box , rotomolding Buoy, rotomolding outdoor cooler, OEM and ODM. We are very supportive of customized processing, we are not only a factory, but also an innovative enterprise. Innovation is the blood of an enterprise and the driving force for it to move forward. We are willing to take the rotomolding plastic and you come to an encounter, let you have a new aesthetic experience.
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