Custom design rotational molding OEM&ODM tool box for outdoor activities

  • Modle: UT-633633
  • External size(L×W×H): 630*360*330MM
  • Internal size(L×W×H): 530*260*280MM
  • Package size(L×W×H): 650*380*350MM
  • G.W.: 8KG
  • CBM: 0.1CBM
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    1. Rugged packaging solution – one piece construction that is virtually stress free.

    2. Lightweight and resilient products.

    3. Excellent load-bearing properties.

    4. Uniform wall thickness.

    5. Molded in scratch-proof graphics.

    6. Ability to produce multi-wall moldings, which can be hollow or foam-filled.

    7. Thick corners and ribs for increased impact resistance.

    8. Recessed hardware and molded-in valance extends the useable life of container.

    9. Inserts for panel mount equipment, and racks.

    10. Range of interiors, removable or molded-in, capable of providing total protection.

    11. Dent and fracture resistant Polyethylene.

    12. Resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

    13. Resistant to Fungus.



    1. high molecular polyethylene material, stable performance, high and low temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless,excellent UV protection performance;

    2. roll molding process, integrated molding, reinforced and thickened box corners, strong impact resistance, and can realize parachute / parachute free airdrop;

    3. concave convex stiffener design, strengthen the box, facilitate stacking;

    4. stainless steel butterfly lock catch, handle and other accessories are adopted, which are salt spray resistant, corrosion-resistant, safe, beautiful and more durable;

    5. high quality solid waterproof sealing ring is adopted, with better sealing performance and waterproof and dustproof grade of IP67;

    6. support box size customization, color customization, lining customization, label identification customization, password locking system, etc


    1.Avionic equipment.

    2.Deployable weapons systems.

    3.Electronic testing and monitoring equipment.

    4.Military and law enforcement instrumentation.

    5.Medical testing and apparatus equipment.

    6.Oil field-monitoring equipment.

    7.Portable marine instrumentation.

    8.Portable communications equipment.

    9.Portable computer networks and systems.

    10.Telecommunications test equipment.

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