About our new product-The perfect size,good quality,large storage place

1.professional factory
A.Company scale:The plant covers an area of 8000 square. The first phase of the workshop covers an area of 3500 ㎡
B.Workshop equipment:Advanced full-automatic machinery
C.Our technology:Computer numerical control high-tech
D.Our Staff: with more than 50 employees, most of them are with including Seven years rotational molding technology experience.There are ten management personnel, two professional engineers, seven sales representatives, and majority of them are with bachelor or above degree.
E.Our services:The omni-directional pre-sale after-sales service
2.High quality material
We use LLDPE for the product.Which is good material for plastic products.It makes our products much more durable,UV-anti,shock proof and water proof.These advantages help us make more special products,such as fuel tank,RV tank,and some outdoor products.
Rotational-molded technology ensure impact resistance and long-term durability for military box.
3.Usage details
Select food and imported PE materials, environmental protection, not fade.A sealing bar, which can prevent water inside the box.Our products can work in extremely environment,from -20°-120°degree. The full- length,auto-stop’s hinge can make the box cover not turn over excessively and damage.Equipped with non slip, seamless feet pads, which keep the military box stability on the ground.
4. Compare with direct firing equipment,
Compared with the traditional direct firing equipment, the rolling molding equipment with integrated structure of oven baking passage can improve the efficiency of rolling molding by 30%, and the energy efficiency and utilization rate of equipment are high. The energy saving of rolling molding machine is about 20%. At the same time, the calculus molding method of large mold can reduce the cost of mold manufacturing by 30% and shorten the time by 1/3 compared with the manual molding method. The research and development of hollow foaming integral molding method for large plastic products can replace metal with plastic and greatly reduce the weight of products. For example, the weight of missile packing cases can be reduced by 200%, the overall body of automobiles can be reduced by 55%, and the heat insulation performance can be increased by 25%.

Post time: Oct-09-2022