Colorful rotomolding products in normal life and how to overcome the shortages

Rotomolding products can be used in transportation, traffic safety facilities, entertainment industry, river and waterway dredging, construction industry, water treatment, medicine and food, electronics, chemical, aquaculture, textile printing, dyeing and other industries.

1.Rotational molding parts of containers 

This kind of plastic parts are widely used in storage and feeding boxes, storage tanks, various industrial chemical storage and transportation containers, such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizers, pesticide storage tanks, chemical enterprises, industrial coating, rare earth production in the washing tank, reaction tank, turnover box, garbage bin, septic tank, living water tank and so on.


2.Rotomolding parts for vehicles

Mainly the application of polyethylene and PVC paste resin, rotational molding of various automotive parts, such as air conditioning elbows, vortex pipes, backrests, handrails, fuel tanks, fenders, door frames and gear lever covers, battery housings, fuel tanks for snowmobiles and motorcycles, aircraft fuel tanks, yachts and their water tanks, boats and buffer absorbers between boats and docks.


3. Sports equipment, toys, handicrafts and rotational molding parts

There are mainly PVC paste rotational molding of various parts, such as water balls, floats, small swimming pools, recreational boats and their tanks, bicycle seat cushions, rotomolding pallets, surfboards and so on. Toys such as ponies, dolls, toy sandboxes, fashion model models, crafts, etc.


4. All kinds of large or non-standard rotational molding parts

Shelving racks, machine housings, protective covers, lampshades, agricultural sprayers, furniture, canoes, camping vehicle canopies, sports field installations, planters, bathrooms, toilets, telephone booths, billboards, chairs, highway piers, traffic cones, river and sea buoys, anti-collision barrels and building barriers, etc.


Not only the shape, we can make rotomolding products in different colors.Even we can mix color.

Nowadays, with the material change, rotomolding products can be hard,soft etc. It means we can make more products into this plastic process.

But rotomolding process still has some shortages, such as low production ability,higher price.We are going to deal with these problems to make our products much more competitive.

Post time: Oct-14-2022