Experience sharing on the subsequent heating treatment of rotomolded products

The subsequent heating treatment of rotomolded products is generally divided into direct fire type and indirect heating type. Youte Plastics would like to share some small applications of these two methods here.


Direct fire type

As the name implies, direct fire is the direct use of flame to heat the mold, such a way is more efficient heat transfer, the flame directly contact the surface of the mold, as long as the reasonable control of the distance between the flame and the mold, adjust the color of the flame, control the direction and size of the flame, generally will receive a better heating effect. For rotomolded storage tanks, kayaks and other products, generally use direct fire type. But this heating method also has disadvantages, the fire source is exposed, the temperature is not easy to control, etc.

Indirect heating type

Using air or hydraulic oil, electricity to complete the heating process of the mold, there are several methods.

(1)Forced air convection heating in the heating chamber: This is the commonly used heating method to implement heat transfer to the mold by heating the air in the heating chamber.

(2)Using liquid system to heat the mold.

(3)Electric heating system. The advantage of electric power heating is clean without air pollution, heating fast and can accurately control the heating temperature, is a more ideal heating method, but this way is still subject to technology now.

(4) infrared heating system: infrared heating component is the direct conduction of heat radiation energy to the mold surface, this way can effectively project heat, but will be affected by the projection angle.

Rotational molding process is called rotational molding or rotational molding, the molding method is to rotate the mold along the two vertical axes and make it heated, the mold cavity of the vipers in the role of gravity and heat gradually melt and adhere to the surface of the mold cavity. After cooling and shaping, the plastic products are made.

Rotational molding process is often used in the production of hollow seamless, complex-shaped plastic products, in the chemical, mechanical, electronic, light industry and military industries are widely used, such as motorcycles, automobiles and other vehicles fuel tanks, storage boxes, large and medium-sized hollow containers, automotive parts, corrosion-resistant containers inside and only, etc. In recent years, it is also gradually used in the production of various civilian or military products such as packaging boxes, transport boxes and other products.


Post time: Jan-18-2022