Go camping!Off road adventure tool boxes,the best storage box by rotational molding process

Go camping!Off road adventure tool boxes,the best storage box by rotational molding process

Covid has trapped countless people at home, although the Covid in China has been well controlled, the three-year experience has changed many people’s living habits. People would like outdoor life rather than go to shopping malls.

Deep off-road adventure has became a favorite among many people. On holidays, more and more people like to go outdoors.

But ordinary products no longer meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. They need more sturdy products: UV resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, and impact resistant.

In order to meet the needs of the general public, rotational molding toolkit and a series of outdoor rotational molding products have emerged. We have developed several new products with our clients, including truck boxes, roof boxes, water tanks, fishing boxes, etc.


In order to match the customer’s luggage rack, we have developed two truck boxes in rotational molding process to fill the gap in storage in the back compartment of the pickup truck. There are two sizes of truck boxes that can meet different customer needs.


The box adopts a side door opening and closing method, and the air rod can support the lid well, allowing for easy access even on rainy days. The interior of the box adopts a partition design, which can separate items and play a good role in classification.

The part of the box cover can be fixed with rivets to expand the storage space.

Our roof box is also equipped with a partition bracket inside, which can adjust the partition layer according to the size of the items, so that each product can be placed in a suitable place. During extreme sports, there will be no shaking of the contents inside the box due to the vibration of the car.


Each box comes with a supporting fixed bracket for easy installation, perfectly combining metal and roll molding, providing customers with a perfect storage solution.

The application of rotational molding products in the field of outdoor sports has made outdoor sports more diverse. The unique shape of roll forming also embellishes outdoor sports.

I believe that with the popularization of outdoor sports, the application of rotational molding will also demonstrate unique charm in the field of outdoor sports.

Post time: Apr-07-2023