New rotomolding plastic special material R4412U was produced by China,Ningbo

On July 2,2020 Zhenhai,Ningbo,China Refinery successfully developed and produced polyethylene rotomolding plastic special material R4412U with independent intellectual property rights. This new product is customized for high-end plastic users, can be used for water tank, yacht and other outdoor large-scale products manufacturing, large market demand.
During the epidemic period, zhenhai Refining & Chemical r&d team did not relax its market research efforts. Through telephone interviews and other means, zhenhai Refining & Chemical R&D team learned market information in a timely manner, discussed market segmentation, and made differentiated research and development of new products. In April, they caught that due to the impact of the epidemic abroad, the demand for a certain imported roll plastic brand increased, and there was no independent product that could be replaced in China. The downstream users faced the situation of supply chain shortage.
The r&d team immediately started the new product development mode of “technology + service” in one. Through rapid characterization analysis, additive formulation research, data reasoning and experimental verification and other research methods, the target product performance and core production parameters were defined, and the product naming and application code were completed in a relatively short time. At the same time, according to the characteristics of low fusion finger and high density of the new product, we prepared and optimized the production plan, and realized the industrial production at the fastest speed. During the production process, the R&D team will go into the field to service the production and work with the technical staff to ensure the smooth operation of the first production.
It is reported that the successful production of 400 tons of R4412U new products, with high stiffness, good toughness and high uv resistance, has been the downstream factory booked up.

Post time: Mar-22-2022