Plastic revolution: “Replacing steel with plastics”,more cheaper and environmentally

On September 2th,2021, the publicity and implementation meeting of polymer chemical pipeline characteristics and application technical standards was held in Kunming. The meeting showed that Yunnan has made new standards and achievements in the field of “replacing steel with plastic”.

“Replacing steel with plastics” is a major national environmental protection and energy-saving strategy and resource strategy. With the adjustment and promotion of national industrial policies at the end of the 20th century, engineering plastic products, especially plastic pipes, have been widely used and developed at a high speed in the field of construction engineering. China has also issued a series of standards and specifications, such as technical specification for buried plastic water supply pipeline engineering and technical specification for buried plastic drainage pipeline engineering.

Compared with the traditional cement and metal pipes, plastic pipes have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, health and safety, small water flow resistance and convenient installation. However, in the actual development process, it also exposed the problems of uneven product quality and the lack of supporting standards and specifications for pipe production and construction. In particular, there are many mountainous towns in Yunnan Province, the terrain and geology are complex and changeable, and most areas are areas with high seismic fortification intensity. The connection interface of buried pipes is required to be flexible structure, so products with high strength, high stiffness and impact resistance are required. However, the relevant technical parameters of the current national “technical regulations” can not fully cover various complex working conditions in Yunnan Province.

In view of the complex construction and application environment in Yunnan, on June 1 this year, the Department of housing and urban rural development of Yunnan Province approved and issued two local standards for project construction, namely, the technical specification for the application of Yunnan high density polyethylene mesh skeleton plastic steel composite steady-state pipe and the technical specification for the application of Yunnan buried high molecular weight polyethylene drainage pipe, which were officially implemented from September 1,2021.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development said that the two technical regulations publicized and implemented this time will further supplement, improve and refine the national standards and specifications, guide the healthy and orderly development of the plastic pipe industry in Yunnan Province, and guide the design, construction, inspection and acceptance of plastic water supply and drainage pipelines, so as to further improve the quality of municipal water supply and drainage projects in Yunnan Province.

The release and implementation of these two standards not only has important guiding significance for promoting the high-quality development of polymer pipe industry and pipeline engineering, but also plays a positive role in standardizing production behavior, improving the quality of design, construction and acceptance, ensuring the safety and reliability of urban water supply and drainage pipe network operation in Yunnan, and promoting the improvement of urban sewage treatment and waterlogging control level

Post time: Mar-28-2022