Realize new breakthrough:4.4m long case

Cixi Youte Plastic Container Co.,Ltd have a new project for 4.4m long box.The box is used for special material, fully embodies the advantages of the rotational molding:
1.Rotational molding process can make very big products;
2.Rotational molding process can make small quantities.
Before,our biggest tool box  is 3.95m,export to Dubai.And customer do like the design and process.We are professional in military box,This new case may be one of our most innovative designs yet. This case is impervious to temperature and impact, while the molded in gasket groove allows for an airtight and watertight construction.  This case can be molded in just about any color required and can feature optional, in mold labels and custom interiors to fit your parts perfectly.
Our customers have already begun to use this feature to affix straps and panels into place, but we also envision easily mounting in steel frames to hold your heavy equipment, an easy placement of mechanical fasteners to hold your custom foam interiors, or simply mounting electronics for a quick open and use configuration.  The possibilities are endless and we are excited to see how our customers begin to use this feature over the next few years.
According to the design,you can see the box can open from top and two sides separate.And it has Forklift truck foot,even you have very heavy products inside,you can move it easily.
The box is very strong and hard.Our military box is UV-anti and shock proof,water proof and dust proof.
Cixi Youte Plastic Container Co.,Ltd provides good service for OEM and ODM.We have good R&D department,working for your own ideas.With the mold develop,even you can have only 1 pc product.
Rotational molding products is the best plastic for outdoor use and long-term use.It’s very good for heavy products,and can be used for very long time.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Post time: Jun-07-2022