Rotational molding process is an important branch of plastic molding processing

Rotational molding process is an important branch of plastic molding processing.Since the advent of the 1940s, after more than half a century of development, its equipment and technology is increasingly perfect, in Europe developed countries have been widely used, from small children’s toys to automobile plastic parts, until the huge engineering plastic products. Especially large and special-shaped hollow products, because of the limitation of the traditional process of its own characteristics, can only rely on rotomolding molding process to complete.


1,Low cost of rotational molding mold– the same size of the product, the cost of rotomolding mold is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding, injection molding, suitable for large plastic products;

2, The edge strength of the product is good — the thickness of the edge of the product can be more than 5mm, completely solve the problem of the thin edge of the hollow product;

3, Rotomolding plastic can place a variety of Mosaic pieces;

4, The shape of rotomolding products can be very complex, and the thickness can be more than 5mm;

5, Rotomolding plastic can produce fully closed products;

6,Rotomolding plastic products can be filled with foaming materials to achieve heat preservation;

7, No need to adjust the mold, the wall thickness of rotomolding products can be adjusted freely (more than 2mm);

8, Suitable for molding large and extra-large parts;

9,Rotational molding product is easy to change the color of products – rotaional molding each time the material directly added to the mold, so that all the materials into the product from the mold after taking out the next molding needs to add the material. When we use more than one mold rotomolding molding of the same plastic products, but also in different mold to add different colors of materials, at the same time rotomolding plastic products of different colors;

10,Save raw materials — the wall thickness of rotomolding plastic products is more uniform and slightly thicker chamfer, so it can give full play to the efficiency of materials, is conducive to saving raw materials; In addition, there is no runner, gate and other waste materials in the roller molding process. Once it is adjusted, there is almost no recycling charge in the production process, so the process for material utilization is very high.

Post time: Jun-18-2022