Rotomolding-An important branch of plastic products

Cixi Youte Plastic Container Co.,Ltd step to summer.Summer is the worst season for our workers.For the high temperature.We have to use oven to produce our products,we need fire,But nobody want to work with fire in summer.


Now outdoor sports is very popular,we want to create more outdoor sports products,such as tool box and truck storage drawers.And our new project is about roof tent.


It is an excellent idea for our customers who want to make roof tent by rotomolding process.

As we know,the roof tent always made of ABS,steel board.But they have some shortages.

ABS is easy to make big orders,and the price is cheap,but the material is not good for outdoor.It is not UV-anti,if you use it for long time,it will like cookies,and broken once you touch it.

Steel board is good for outdoor,but it is too heavy,and cant make special  shape.So rotomolding process is a good choice for new products.

Now we have more and more project that customers want to change steel products to rotomolding.Not only for the cheaper price,but also the good quality,much more durable with good price.

And according to the advantages,we are confident to make products with our process.You know rotomolding process is an important branch of plastic process,used very widely.Example:

1. Container roto-molding parts:

It is widely used in storage tank, storage tank of various liquid chemicals (such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, etc.), gasoline container (gasoline storage tank and fuel tank of automobile and airplane), battery shell, etc.


2. Roto-molding parts for automobile:

Basically is the application polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride paste resin, roll model all sorts of pipe, be like air conditioning bend, back of a chair, armrest to wait.

3.Sports equipment and various substitutes:

Mainly PVC paste rolling plastic parts, such as water balloons, floating balls, bicycle seat cushions, boats and between the boat and dock buffer absorber, etc.

4, Toys, models, crafts, etc:

Because the roto-molding mould can be made by precision casting, electrocasting and other processes; The surface of the rotational molding parts is very good at “copying” the fine structure of the surface of the mold cavity. Therefore, the rotational molding method can make the products quite delicate and beautiful, so it is often used for making products with great ornamental value, especially toys, models, crafts and so on.


Post time: Jul-13-2022