Rotomolding process change the world and people life style for much more standard life

With the development of the worlds, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Plastics are increasingly accepted by environmentalists because they are 100 percent recyclable compared to other materials such as metals.

Plastic processing methods are a variety of categories, including rotomolding, blowing, injection molding, extrusion, blister the most extensive. Relatively speaking, the other four processing methods are more well-known, and most plastic products such as storage boxes, stools and chairs used in daily use are made of these processes.

Relatively speaking, few people know about the process of rotomolding plastic. They may see it in life, only know it is plastic, but do not know that it is the material of rotomolding plastic, such as slide, large water tank and rotomolding water tower, which are generally made of rotomolding plastic.


Products using this process include rotomolding fuel tanks, rotomolding water tanks, rotomolding mechanical enclosures, fenders, etc. The main replacement objects are metal parts and FRP products.

Roto-molding technology is an important branch of plastic molding processing, since its emergence in the 1940s, after more than half a century of development, the equipment and technology is increasingly perfect. It is widely used in developed countries in Europe. From small children’s toys to car plastic parts, to giant engineering plastic products. Especially large and shaped in – control products. Due to the limitation of the traditional process itself, it can only be completed by rotomolding process.

In China, especially in the recent years, some plastic enterprises through the market grinding, although some involved in the product manufacturing of rotomolding plastic process, but due to the restriction of key processes, there has been no big breakthrough, can only produce some relatively rough products without strict size, performance requirements. So that most of the practitioners did not realize the advanced nature and strong market competitiveness of the rotomolding process.

Principle of rotomolding process

The method of rotomolding process is to add plastic into the mold first, and then the mold rotates along the two vertical axes and heats it. The plastic in the mold is gradually evenly coated under the action of gravity and heat energy, melting and adhering to the entire surface of the mold cavity, forming into the required shape, and forming to cool and finalize.

Advantages of Roto-molding:

1. Cost advantage

In the rotomolding molding process, only the strength of the frame is required to support the weight of the material, the mold and the frame itself, so as to prevent the material from leaking. And the material in the entire molding process, in addition to the role of natural gravity, almost not by any external force, so as to fully have the machine mold processing and manufacturing convenient, short cycle, low cost advantages. 


2. Quality advantage:

In the whole production process, the product quality and structure are more stable because there is no internal stress.

3. Flexible and changeable advantages:

The machine mold of rotomolding process is easy to manufacture and low price, so it is especially suitable for multi-variety and small batch production in the development of new products.

4. Advantages of personalized design:

The products in the rotomolding molding process are easy to change color, and can be hollow (seamless and welding free). The surface treatment of the products can achieve the effect of pattern, wood, stone and metal, to meet the personalized needs of consumers in modern society.

These advantages promote the rapid development of the rotomolding industry, and more and more projects use the rotomolding process to achieve leapfrog progress. rotomolding plastic, has become a synonym of high sense.

Rotomolding processing is divided into two categories, one is open fire firing. Relatively speaking, the technology of open fire firing is not high, a person can operate, this process is mainly used for water tanks, buoys, beacons and other relatively low requirements for the process of products. 


Another one is oven making. Compared with traditional open fire firing, oven production products can adjust the temperature, the operation mainly depends on the machine operation, the production of more refined products. But relatively speaking, the price of individual products is also higher.

There are many customers looking for rotomolding plastic materials to achieve different product use purposes.

The first is to use rotomolding plastic instead of metal. Metal products have existed for such a long time and are used so widely that they naturally have their advantages. For example, strong, low sample cost. Compared with the cost of molding, even the single product of metal needs to be made into a mold, which is too cheap.

However, there are many unsolvable disadvantages of metal, such as the same volume of the case compared with plastic, weight, noise when moving, corrosion resistance, metal splicing process usually can not achieve the purpose of waterproof.

On the other hand, rotomolding plastic can perfectly solve the disadvantages of metal. For the same strength, plastic is so light that the sound it makes when moving is almost negligible. The characteristics of rotomolding plastic, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, carrying ultraviolet light, good color fixation, the average service life of more than ten years. It is also because of these characteristics, rotomoldinger plastic materials are widely used in outdoor projects, similar to buoy, road water horse, large outdoor playground, etc.

CAS (5)

We have many typical examples.

In 2021, we got a project to make a car trunk. This project is over one million dollars, five sets of molds alone for the project. Such a project is not strange to us, but it is a new experience and feeling.

First of all, this project was previously made of metal. It is precisely because of the limitations of metal itself that customers initiate the idea of looking for another material to replace metal.

The idea is laudable in a sense, after all, as creative products. But whenever something is going to take a big step forward, everyone involved in the project runs the risk of trial and error.

After a round of trial, the customer finally chose the rotomolding plastic material. Obviously, the molding process is as if it were tailor-made for the trunk of a car, and the results are amazing. The unique shape of rotomolding plastic is really impressive, not to mention the various characteristics of rotomolding plastic, so that customers recall their original decision.

This is the charm of the rotomolding process, we can have our shortcomings, but our advantages have completely outweighed the existence of shortcomings. Our main focus is high-end products, high-end customers. But our price is close to the people and lovely, let everyone fall in love with the rotomolding plastic products.

In other words, when moulded furniture replaces traditional moulded furniture, you no longer have to worry about a broken chair; When the rotomolding tank replaces the traditional metal tank, you can no longer drink water that smells like rust; When the rotomolding box replaces the injection box, you can put it in any corner, and look at it ten years later, it will still be the same.

This is a new world that rotomolding products can open up to you. Something that is far away from your life can actually be very close to you.


You will find that plastic is not the first impression of consumables, it is so durable, beautiful shape, beyond all your original imagination. Of course, such unimaginable plastic is just rotomolding plastic.

For me, a young rotomolder just a year experience into the business. It’s an honor to be introduced to this new plastic process. In this era of economic depression, under the great pressure of economic crisis. People are increasingly looking for things that last longer than they do for things that break after a few uses.

Just like Zara and H&M are slowly withdrawing from the Chinese market, these fast fashion are also gradually withdrawing from the stage of history. And the products for home use, the durable products produced by rotomolding plastic, will eventually replace the fragile plastic that will not stand the test of time.

It can be said that the rise of rotomolding products comes from the change of customers’ consumption concept. Everyone wants to save money for their business, but sometimes choosing a product with a shorter lifespan to save money is a huge waste.

Therefore, we have received many samples from customers. Injection molding toolbox, metal tank, metal buoy, wooden box, aviation box… They only have one request, that they change these products to roto molded ones.

For a company with independent research and development capabilities and a mature design team, research and development is really the simplest thing in the world, but how to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses is the most difficult thing in the world.

Our pursuit is definitely not more than two, but let the customer can see at a glance, our existence is the existence of other material loopholes.

In recent years of rapid development, we have many more special products. Clothing, food, housing and transportation, every place has a rotomolding figure.

Dressing, there are roto-molded cabinets; For meals, there are rotomolding plastic food transport boxes; Housing, rotomolding plastic simple room, also have special shape of rotomolding plastic furniture; Travel, rotomolding products have soaked into all aspects of the vehicle — rotomolding anti-collision board, rotomolding fender, rotomolding seats… As far as the eye can see, they are rotomolding plastic.


When this new process of rotomolding plastic flies into thousands of households like a spring swallow, it proves that the spring of the era has arrived. This is what kind of era, a roto plastic and become environmentally friendly, light and lovely era; An era of different attitudes under the infection of rotomolding plastic, but also an era of continuous innovation and rapid development.

Cixi City Youte plastic Container Co., LTD., we respond to the call of The Times, for environmental protection efforts, for the customer’s wallet efforts. We work with our customers and with The Times. What we want to do is to always use a new look, in the face of our customers, our friends; With the ever-changing creativity and technology level, to meet the different needs of customers.

That is what we are pursuing and that is what we are working towards.

I’m waiting for you here at Cixi Youte Plastic Container Co., LTD.


Post time: Aug-05-2022