UAV Rotomolding transport box, a tailored home for every UAV

With the wide application of the UAV industry, the UAV industry has developed rapidly. UAVs can be divided into military and civilian according to their application fields. In military, UAVs are divided into reconnaissance aircraft and target aircraft. For civil use, UAV+industrial application is the real rigid demand of UAV; The application in aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, micro selfie, express transportation, disaster rescue, wildlife observation, infectious disease monitoring, surveying and mapping, news reporting, electric power inspection, disaster relief, film and television shooting, manufacturing romance and other fields has greatly expanded the use of UAV itself.


UAVs vary in size and the value according to different use scenarios. For large UAVs, transportation is a big problem.

Traditional metal boxes are heavy and easy to damage. Although the wooden box is light in weight, it is not easy to switch and is not suitable for recycling.

Rotational plastic box has the advantages of light weight, beautiful shape, convenient opening and closing, and it is not bad after years of use. It is a very good choice for UAVs.


Guided by customer needs, we developed a UAV packaging box for customers.

The box is blue, symbolizing the drone flying in the blue sky. The large UAV is heavy, so we have made an automatic lifting bracket. Press the switch, the UAV can automatically rise from the box, avoiding damaging the UAV when it is taken out of the box.

This UAV box has been highly praised by users. We combine the box and bracket perfectly, and customize the lining to keep the drone in a proper place, avoiding the damage caused by impact and vibration during transportation.

The box has wheels, which is convenient to take out for exhibition and sale. This box meets the basic needs of customers and lays a solid foundation for us in the field of UAV.


We hope that more customers related to UAVs can find us and jointly develop new boxes. I believe we can establish long-term business relations!

Post time: Mar-20-2023