Welcome to 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition


Now we are in Zhuhai,for 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition.It is one of the world largest show about Aviation & Aerospace.

Here, we can see the world's most advanced space technology and see the strength of China of scientific and technological ability.


As exhibitors, we bring our boxes here with the mind of communicating and learning with other exhibitors. We hope to find same-minded friends here, as well as customers who admire of us, give us trust and establish long-term business relationship with us.

We prepared a lot for this show, include boxes,buoys and so on.For rotomolding tool box,we are professional manufacturer.

This show,we will meet a lot of customers of  engines, special materials, artillery shells,they will need our special boxes.


Our advantages:

1、Shock proof:It is one of the important point for some expensive products.Most of them are very fragile with complex structural.It’s the reason why they choose us. Compare with traditional boxes, such as wood box, flight box,our box will be more shock proof.And we can create special foam to make the product in right place;

2、Water proof: Most of our boxes are IP65,but for special products,our boxes will get IP67,even more;

3、Cheap mold cost: Compare to Injection molding and other plastic process,rotomolding process mold is the cheapest.If you don’t need big quantities,but you do need a box for your special product,you can choose us.The mold cost is not cheap,and we can make huge product as well;

4、UV-anti: We use import LLDPE as our raw material. This material is very Durable.We always use this material for buoy and some outdoor products.


Not only for roto-molding tool box, we support OEM and ODM service ,and if you need,you can send mold to us.

We are factory for all range roto-molding plastic products.

In conclusion, will be our pleasure to work with you.

And we are waiting for you in this show.

Post time: Nov-08-2022