Wooden floating bridge,fast install and lower cost!

   These days,with our customer’s request,we developed a new product about floating bridge.

   The normal bridge is consist of steel and rotational molding floaters,it’s very heavy and difficult to install.So we developed a new style with wood and rotomolding floaters.These bridge is lighter,we made 3*3m and 1.8*3m sizes to meet the most situation,only 4 person can carry the big bridge system.


     Our floating bridge system is easy to assemble,means you don’t need to spend too much on human cost. From a few meters to several hundred meters, for a attendance from 1 to 15,000 people/day, we deploy quickly. In the event of crossing a navigable zone, we put in place an opening system to allow navigation to pass through… On request, we equip them with terraces, pontoons, bases boats or jetskis, electricity, lighting, stands, …


Below is our floating dock sectional drawing:

1) Raw material: imported PE and interior EPS foam one-piece construction filled

2) Function: used for dock building project or water sport project etc.

3) Measurement:950*850*700mm

4) Fix way:connected the frame with screws fixed,then decking on the top

5) Durable&Tough&Stable :Environmental friendly


    And you can check technical details of the floater here:

• Dimensions: 900*800*900mm

• Weight: 42 kg/piece

 • Buoyancy: 648 kg/piece

• Resistance to pulling out the lugs: up to 2 t

• High mechanical resistance (shocks and environmental impacts)

• Anti-UV & antistatic treatment

• Fire retardant and frost resistance

• Standard colors: Black

You can know from this project,we are professional and our R&D department can work for your any ideas.

We are factory for any rotational molding products, what we need is your idea.Rotomolding process can do very big plastic product,we can replace iron,steel,glass fabric and any other plastic process products.

We are talent plastic,especially for containers,floaters,and plastic body for big machines.

The rotational molding mold is not expensive,you can make a mold for testing.We will surprise you with our good products.

Post time: Apr-18-2023